Should You Prefer Magnetic Whiteboards Or Non-magnetic White Boards?

Should You Prefer Magnetic Whiteboards Or Non-magnetic White Boards?

When it comes to buying a whiteboard it is crucial for you to know whether you need a magnetic whiteboard or a non-magnetic whiteboard. The magnetic whiteboards are mostly used in school for teaching purposes. You will also find these magnetic whiteboards in conference halls and offices as well. This is what makes these magnetic whiteboards so popular. On the other hand, the nonmagnetic whiteboards like porcelain whiteboards online are highly affordable.  

What are whiteboards made of?  

Whiteboards like the non-magnetic porcelain boards are manufactured from a number of different materials that provide a dry erase surface. Boards that have a painted surface are mostly magnetic. On the other hand, glass whiteboards are usually magnetic.  

Use of magnetic whiteboards  

It is important for a person to be aware of the main uses of a magnetic whiteboard. These magnetic whiteboards are mostly used in the junior school classes. These boards make it easier for the teacher to deliver his/her lecture to the students. The dry erase surface makes it easier for the teacher to erase and redraw or write on the board. This also helps avoid any sort of scratches to appear on the board.  

One can easily draw symbols, squares or attach these geometric shapes on the board since it is a magnetic whiteboard. This also makes it easier for students to learn important information without any trouble. The smooth surface of the whiteboard helps the teacher to write faster as well. Unlike the chalkboard that causes scratches or weird noises, the whiteboards are pretty smooth to write on which makes them the ideal choice for school.  

Use of non-magnetic whiteboards  

In high school, you will mostly find the non-magnetic whiteboards since they are mostly used for writing and delivering lectures. The best part about the non-magnetic whiteboards is that they are easy to customize and are available in different sizes and shapes. There is one thing that you must keep in mind before buying non-magnetic whiteboards and that is it is a must for you to clean these boards regularly after using them. This will help prevent stains and unwanted scratches.  


The most common non-magnetic whiteboard is called melamine. These are eco-friendly whiteboards that are non-magnetic. The best thing about these eco-friendly whiteboards is that they are made up of biodegradable material. In this day and age where there is pollution everywhere, choosing a biodegradable material made product will make a lot of difference in society. This is a great initiative to help raise environmental awareness in people and make them become more responsible for their doings. Therefore it is up to your needs whether you want a magnetic whiteboard or a non-magnetic whiteboard.  

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