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Ways To Reduce The Summer Heat?

Ways To Reduce The Summer Heat?

Spending your days during the hottest summer days can be unbearable. This is even more of a problem if your area has been experiencing unusually higher temperatures due to a drought or other unexpected even that caused a variation in the climatic conditions. You probably have spent quite a few hours wondering on how you will last this time without being overwhelmed by the excessive heat.

Thankfully, there are quite a few ways to cool your home. Some of them may be quite simple, while some others could see you spending a little more money than you would for your air conditioning repairs Cleveland. Here are some of these tips which could start implementing even right now if the heat is making you uncomfortable:

•    Cool Your Body with Drinks – Probably the cheapest way to combat a heat wave is to always keep several bottles of cold water at the ready inside your refrigerator. Meanwhile, start stocking up on fruit juices, sport drinks and whatever other fluids you can think of. Try to avoid any food or drink containing caffeine and alcohol, as these two substances are linked to an increased rate of dehydration, an absolute no-no for hot days.

•    Choose Comfortable Clothes – Short, cotton clothes with preferably lighter colours help you to avoid excessive sweating while also absorbing the minimum amount of heat energy from sun rays. Other than cotton clothes, linen and hemp are good choices for fabric. This might seem dumb, but there are quite a lot of people that wear the wrong clothes for summer and then start complaining of excessive sweating. Try not to be one of them!

•    Install a Cooling System – The best way to instantly cool down your house is, obviously, to install a dedicated cooling system. An air conditioning service is what comes first to most people’s mind, but there are other ways to cool down your house, such as installing ceiling and table fans. Air conditioner will do their job well, provided that you are fine with having a sizeable electricity bill if you use it too frequently. Fans, on the other hand, will be much cheaper to operate and more than enough to handle normal hot days, even though they might struggle in extreme conditions.

•    Close Your Windows – During the hottest times of the day such as midday, try to keep your windows in your home shut, preferably closing the blinders as well. This will keep sunlight out and vastly diminish the amount of heat energy that will be transferred to the inside. You will be surprises to see how much this will make a difference.

•    Plant Trees – A good way to relax during hot summer days is beneath the shade of a large tree. If you have enough space and dedication, try to grow some trees in your backyard. Their shade will not only provide a shelter for you to stay when outside, but they can potentially block some sun rays from reaching your home.