Establishing A No-Hate Relationship With Your Room-mate

Establishing A No-Hate Relationship With Your Room-mate

Is the idea of sharing your living space with a complete stranger scaring the living daylights out of you? Maybe you’re not used to having a person idling around in the same room as you, and the fact that college calls for dorm rooms and roommates or the new workplace requires you to move into a city and a condor where you’ve got to share a room and life with a person barely know but don’t seem to like already, can sound kind of traumatising. But trust me, it isn’t as bad as it sounds and is an experience you’d love to keep. Whether you’re disliking the idea of another person breathing in the same room as you or dislike the person itself with a passion, read below on how you can try and establish a no hate relationship with your Room-mate.

Be Clear About Each Others Expectations.

Even if you’re an antisocial who’d rather crawl in to a rat hole than talk to people, you need to talk your Room-mate at the very beginning itself and be clear about your expectations before the problems crowd the room along with boxes labelled tea chest box Melbourne. You don’t like snoozing an alarm every two seconds for 2 hours? Tell them. You don’t like music blaring out the speakers at 2.Am? Tell them. You’re a neat freak? Tell them. And when you’re done telling, not demanding by the way, take your turn and listen to their expectations. It’s going to be tough at the beginning because every person is different, but it’s all about accepting each other’s differences and preferences.

Respect and Be Friendly.

I might sound like a mom who’s sending off her little kid to kindergarten on the first day, but really, respecting your Room-mate’s stuff is important. You might thing it’s no biggie to borrow their sweater or tee from the unpacked box with a tag saying packing boxes Melbourne, without their permission but maybe it’s a special one of theirs and you’re crossing a line. You might go in to it thinking you’re going to best friends and maybe you will, but first stick to bieng friends and have your own social circles too. Respect their privacy and be mindful of who you’re bringing into your room. The golden rule would be treat them the way you want to be treated. Click here for more info on packing boxes Melbourne.

Embrace New Things.

Maybe your roomie is from a different religion, different country or a different culture. The way they do things around might not be the same as yours. If that’s the case then you’re going to be learning a hell lot interesting things from what they eat to what they wear to a wedding. This could be your opportunity to learn and embrace different kinds of lifestyles and languages. After all it’s all a part of college right? So try your best not to criticize, accept them for who they are and do your part in getting to know them, after all you’re going to sleep in the same room as theirs and witness their happy days and bad ones.

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